Roses in the park compositions of “Sofiyivka”


  • I. L. Denysko
  • G. I. Muzyka



троянда, паркова композиція, історія розбудови парку, впровадження рослин.


The study of the possibilities of using roses in park compositions «Sofiyivka» is based on the analysis of literary and archival sources. The study of the factual material makes it possible to assert that roses were represented in the park compositions of «Sofiyivka» throughout the history of its development. Currently, most of the compositions with roses are located in the new part of the park, beyond its historical core. At once, the function of compositions with the involvement of roses changed from decorative with a certain symbolic meaning, which is characteristic of sentimental and romantic parks, to exhibitional and decorative in combination with recreational, research and educational functions in our time.



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Denysko, I. L., & Muzyka, G. I. (2021). Roses in the park compositions of “Sofiyivka”. Journal of Native and Alien Plant Studies, (1), 73–76.