Zones of the Botanical garden of the Belgorod University (Belgorod, Russia)


  • E. N. Dunaeva
  • A. V. Dunaev
  • N. A. Martynovа



ботанический сад, лесопарк, парк-дендрарий, рекреационная зона.


The Botanical Garden of Belgorod University (National Research University (NRU) “BelSU”) is a unique scientific installation (USI) and performs scientific, educational and educational functions in the region by its employees. There are three zones within the boundaries of the Botanical garden: a Forest park, an Arboretum Park, and a Recreational zone. The Forest park, as an organic part of the complex ecotope of the Botanical garden, is a model of a forest-type community formed on chalk and loam underlain by chalk, and is used for sightseeing and walking purposes. The collection fund of the Arboretum Park is a scientific and educational base for students and postgraduates of the biological, pharmaceutical and geographical faculties of the National Research University «BelSU». The Recreational zone has no clear boundaries and potentially includes all the most picturesque places and likely walking routes. Such conceptual zoning contributes to the harmonization of the ecological environment of the Botanical garden.



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Dunaeva, E. N., Dunaev, A. V., & Martynovа N. A. (2021). Zones of the Botanical garden of the Belgorod University (Belgorod, Russia). Journal of Native and Alien Plant Studies, (1), 87–90.