Introduction and perspectives of Henomeles culture


  • A. M. Zaliznyak
  • O. O. Balabak



хеномелес японський, інтродукція, плодова рослина, культивування


The selection fund of Japanese henomeles differs in considerable variety. It was one of the most interesting and rare objects for acclimatization in order to enrich our country мwith plants useful for the national economy. This fruit crop has special genetic and morphological features, due to which it is used in various fields and directions. Therefore, the study of henomeles is quite relevant and requires the development and improvement of various agronomic techniques o cultivation, taking into account the conditions of the region of cultivation of this plant.



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Zaliznyak, A. M. ., & Balabak, O. O. (2021). Introduction and perspectives of Henomeles culture. Journal of Native and Alien Plant Studies, (1), 94–98.