Greening of Krasnoyarsk: problems and prospects


  • A. V. Pimenov
  • T.S. Sedel’nikova



городская среда, зеленое строительство, древесные растения, реконструкция насаждений.


An assessment of the current state and topical directions of the reconstruction of green plantings in Kras- noyarsk, one of the most unsuccessful cities in Russia, is given. The problematic aspects of green building, determined by the peculiarities of large-scale landscaping of the city in 1950–70, when fast-growing biologically short-lived species were preferred, were diagnosed. Particular attention is paid to the phytosanitary problems of mass use of balsam poplar and ash-leaved maple in landscaping, technological nuances of pruning and control over the distribution of these species.



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Pimenov, A. V., & Sedel’nikova, T. (2021). Greening of Krasnoyarsk: problems and prospects. Journal of Native and Alien Plant Studies, (1), 231–234.