Problems and prospects of introduction and distribution of Allium obliquum L. in Ukraine


  • Oleksandr Pozniak



vegetable growing, perennial onion species, range expansion, introduction, introduction to culture, breeding.


Aim. To investigate the distribution of a rare perennial species in Ukraine — Allium obliquum L. and prospects for the development of the plant as a vegetable and ornamental crop. Methods. Materials for the analysis of the state of distribution in the area of origin, problems and prospects of development of the species Allium obliquum L. in Ukraine have been studied and generalized based on the results of processing scientific sources of literature. On the basis of own researches of a species, the forecast concerning prospects of introduction of a species in domestic vegetable growing, and also as an ornamental plant, is made; the necessary scientific, practical and organizational measures are identified. Results. Non-traditional species of perennial bulbous plants have significant potential for development in the vegetable growing. These include Allium obliquum L. — a rare relict species of onion in Ukraine with a disjunctive range, now its status — endangered, listed in the Red Book of Ukraine, which has decorative and nutritional value. When used as a vegetable, Allium obliquum L. can grow in one place for 10–15 years. Development of this species in vegetable growing in Ukraine is possible through the introduction into horticulture and ornamental floriculture based on the results of a comprehensive and large-scale study of the species in nature and culture, a long process of acclimatization, reacclimatization and reintroduction. Conclusions. An important stage of the breeding process is the introduction and mobilization of genetic resources to form a collection of source material Allium obliquum L. of various ecological and geographical origins, selection of sources and donors of economically valuable traits and properties, their involvement in the breeding process. An urgent task in Ukraine is the development of methodological and regulatory documentation, which is necessary both at the stage of scientific and technical examination of potentially created varieties, and in the production of seeds and marketable products.



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Pozniak, O. (2021). Problems and prospects of introduction and distribution of Allium obliquum L. in Ukraine. Journal of Native and Alien Plant Studies, (17), 188–197.