Historical research in the Institute of Dendrology NAS of Azerbaijan


  • Tofig Sadiq Mammadov
  • Shalala Adil Gulmammadova




Absheron, arboretum, landscape architecture, landscape design composition, Mardakan, ornamental horticulture, Red Book of Azerbaijan, taxonomic structure of plants.


Aims. The purpose of research work carried out at the Institute of Dendrology is the introduction and acclimatization of plants in the conditions of Absheron, the study of bioecological features, taxonomic plants, diagnosis of pests and diseases, dendrochronology, plant reproduction, selection of promising species for landscaping, creation of landscape compositions, publication of books, articles on decorative gardening. Methods. During the research work, various accepted methods by foreign and local scientists were used. Results For many decades, the Institute of Dendrology has collected unique, rich collections of plants from various families, genera, species, forms, and cultivars of ornamental trees, shrubs, and herbaceous plants that are used in modern landscape architecture of Absheron. Conclusions. As a result of many years of research work, it was revealed that local and introduced various countries ornamental trees, shrubs, and herbaceous plants on the territory of the Arboretum are promising and can be widely used to create landscape design compositions on the territory of Azerbaijan.



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Mammadov, T. S. ., & Gulmammadova, S. A. . (2022). Historical research in the Institute of Dendrology NAS of Azerbaijan. Journal of Native and Alien Plant Studies, (18), 114–126. https://doi.org/10.37555/2707-3114.18.2022.269965