The effect of the combined impact of environmental factors on the vitality of introduced plants and their energy assessment


  • Mykola Shumyk
  • Petro Bulakh
  • Nadia Popil



synergism, antagonism, additivity, viability, stability, reliability of plant functioning, energy-dependent nature of stability, minimization of energy costs, calorific value.


Aims. The results generalization of the complex influence of external factors of nature different on the introduced plants and an analysis of the three main types of effects that occur: additivity, synergism, and antagonism were determined as the performed research goal. Methods. Plant stability was studied from the standpoint of systems analysis, according to which any type of plant resistance is formed by not one cause, but a system of limiting factors that interact with each other according to suitable regularity. The line of pessimum as a boundary between the zones of adaptation and discomfort was determined according to Gennadiy Zaytsev (1983) and Petro Bulakh (2010). The energy intensity of the above-ground part of plants in the flowering phase was determined (average sample). Vital indicators for species of the genus Allium L. at the individual level were determined visually by the indicator of the power of development of vegetative and generative organs, and at the population level—by the ratio of individuals of different ages. The viability of species of the genus Lonicera L. was determined by the growth of plant shoots during their active growth. Results. Based on the ideas about the effects of the complex impact of new environmental factors on introduced plants, successive stages of the introductory experiment were identified, and it was proved that the pessimum zone is a necessary condition for plant development in culture. It was found that the effect of the complex impact of any factors on plant organisms is manifested in changes in their vital status (vitality) and the concept of "vitality" is considered a reflection of the stability and energy status of plants. Different interpretations of the "stability" and "reliability" concepts were discussed, and ways to find methods for assessing the viability of plant organisms were outlined. Conclusions. In this paper, it is shown that an integrated assessment of the stability of introduced plants under the conditions of the combined impact of environmental factors can be used as indicators of their energy balance, and the optimal in certain conditions of plant vital needs correspond to the minimum value of their energy indicators. The formulated position was tested experimentally by determining the calorific value of plants by the colorimetric method.



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Shumyk, M. ., Bulakh, P. ., & Popil, N. (2022). The effect of the combined impact of environmental factors on the vitality of introduced plants and their energy assessment. Journal of Native and Alien Plant Studies, (18), 209–222.