Agrobiological classification of crops




nomenclature, botanical classification, taxon, culton, crop names.


Aims. This article aims to streamline the system of crop names. Methods. Analysis of literary sources. The method of direct analysis and synthesis, historical and logical methods, and the comparative historical method were applied. Results. The use of varieties in agricultural practice implies their preliminary entry in the State Register of Plant Varieties suitable for dissemination in Ukraine, which is only a list of registered varieties and should not be used as a reference book on the nomenclature. The problem of transferring Latin plant names in the system of Ukrainian botanical terminology should be solved by forming new generic names based on folk nomenclature and not neglecting, if necessary, loan translation and transliteration of generic names; species epithets should be adequately translated of the corresponding Latin names. The International Code of Nomenclature for algae, fungi, and plants is the set of rules and recommendations that govern the scientific naming of all plants, but the International Code of Nomenclature for Cultivated Plants has been created to designate cultivated plants. Last, in particular, operates with the names of cultivars and cultivar Groups. In the summary table, we adduced the crop names whose varieties are listed in the State Register of Plant Varieties: the Latin and Ukrainian names of their corresponding taxa and cultivar Groups, which organize the crop names and allow us to compare them with botanical names. Conclusions. In agronomic practice, botanical and agrobiological classifications are used at the same time, which covers, respectively, the names of taxa and cultons. The agrobiological classification has certain advantages but is under the pressure of illegal application of the norms of naming taxa to the crop names, which destroys its foundations. Codification of the agrobiological classification will protect it from such a negative impact. The distinction between the scope of application of both classifications will be related to the implementation of scientific and economic activities.




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